A Roman mystery word square

For the classroom

Word square fragment


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© The Manchester Wordsquare, Manchester Museum, The University of Manchester

Reconstruction of the word square


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© The Manchester Wordsquare, Manchester Museum, The University of Manchester

Roman birthday invitation


The birthday invitation from Claudia Severa.

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Tombstone of Roman official


The tombstone of Classicianus, a senior Roman official in Britain.

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Word square activities

Source: spelling-words-well.com

Word square activities in English.

Visit the site http://www.spelling-words-well.com/word-brain-teasers.html

Animated word square

Source: youtube.com

A 10 second animation of the word square.

See this video on youtube.com https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uD4LI6VRkdc

Roman writing in Kent

Source: britishmuseum.org

The alpha-omega and chi-rho Christian symbols in a wall painting from Lullingstone Roman villa in Kent.

Visit the site http://www.britishmuseum.org/research/collection_online/collection_object_details.aspx?objectId=1362788&partId=1&searchText=alpha+omega&images=on&page=1

Interactive game

Source: romansociety.org

Interactive game exploring the tombstone of Regina. Click on the title page to start.

Visit the site http://www.romansociety.org/schools-resources/journeys-in-the-roman-empire.html

Decoding tombstones

Source: pyrrha.rtwilson.com

Decoding Roman tombstones: a useful leaflet for making a start on reading tombstones; from the Roman Baths Museum in Bath.

Visit the site http://www.pyrrha.rtwilson.com/ntombs2.html

Outside the classroom

Many museums across the UK have Romano-British collections and a large number have at least one tombstone or other inscription.

Manchester Museum

Source: museum.manchester.ac.uk

Visit the site http://www.museum.manchester.ac.uk/

Arbeia Roman Fort and Museum, South Shields

Source: twmuseums.org.uk

Visit the site http://www.twmuseums.org.uk/arbeia.html

The National Roman Legion Museum of Wales at Caerleon

Source: museumwales.ac.uk

Visit the site https://www.museumwales.ac.uk/roman/

The Hunterian Museum, Glasgow

Source: gla.ac.uk/hunterian

Visit the site http://www.gla.ac.uk/hunterian/

British Museum

Source: britishmuseum.org

Visit the site http://www.britishmuseum.org

A Roman mystery word square